Argus Cybersecurity Lab

Cyber Defense Courses and Club

We aim to train students with the proficiency required to effectively manage a home or enterprise network through skills such as system administration with a focus on cyber defense and penetration testing techniques.

Cyber Defense Basics 1

Cyber Defense Basics 1 (CIS 490) is a course that K-State students can take to be introduced to the world of cyber security. Cyber Defense Basics 1 offers its students a safe environment to play around with the latest security tools and advanced malware. This class is highly hands-on and gives students an introduction into topics like penetration testing, password cracking, network security and more. The course has a limited capacity so if you are interested, enroll early.

Cyber Defense Club

The Kansas State University Cyber Defense Club is a student-run organization that focuses on more advanced topics in cyber defense and offense. The KSU CDC often competes in various security competitions and also meets with industry professionals. Like Cyber Defense Basics 1, the KSU CDC is a hands-on club and expects students to have an in-depth knowledge of the topics covered in Cyber Defense Basics 1. For more information on how to join, visit the How To Join section below.

  • Trent Novelly: President
  • Ethan Schwaiger: Treasurer
How To Join

To be considered a member, a student must have completed CIS 490: Cyber Defense Basics 1 and CIS 115 (or equivalent introductory Computer Science course) first. A student may also be taking these courses along side starting their first term as being a member of the club if they can show proficient knowledge that would otherwise be learned in those courses upon completion. If a student is able to demonstrate that he/she has some basic skills within the field of cyber defense but has not taken any of the courses listed above, this can also meet the qualifications of becoming a member of the club. This happens in case the majority of the members agree or the faculty advisor recommends the candidate.

Meeting Times

For Spring 2015, we meet Monday nights, 7 pm, in Nichols 119. Dates are subject to change from semester to semester

Competition and Awards

The KSU CDC competes in various cyber defense competitions throughout the years. Below are some of the achievements from past teams.

Past Officers
  • Ian Unruh, President fall 2014, Treasurer fall 2013 - spring 2014.
  • Brian Cain, President fall 2013 - spring 2014.

KSU CDC Constitution

The KSU Cyber Defense Club is an official student organization governed by its Constitution.